Puppuccino (Starbucks Secret Menu): What It Is and How to Order It

Puppuccino (Starbucks Secret Menu) – Starbucks has long been known for its delicious coffee drinks, but did you know they also offer some pretty amazing food items too? From their famous Pumpkin Spice Latte to their Unicorn Frappuccinos, these secret menu items are sure to surprise even the most seasoned coffee drinker.

Starbucks was founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington. The company now operates over 28,000 stores worldwide and serves approximately 70 million customers each week. In addition to offering great tasting beverages, the chain offers a variety of snacks and desserts, such as cookies, muffins, cakes, pies, sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, smoothies, and much more.

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You don’t always have to go out to eat at Starbucks to enjoy their tasty treats. They’ve recently introduced a new line of frozen beverages called Puppuccino. This beverage combines ice cream and milk into a creamy treat that tastes just like a cup of hot chocolate. If you want to try this unique flavor, check out our guide below.

Puppuccino: What It Is and How to Order It

The coffee giant has announced a new menu item called the Puppuccino. The drink is inspired by the classic Italian dessert, and it’s available exclusively at select locations across the United States. Starbucks says the Puppuccino is “the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season,” and it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss out on.

This new menu item isn’t offered everywhere just yet, but Starbucks says it plans to roll it out to more stores over the next few months. You’ll find the Puppuccino listed under the drinks section of the menu, alongside items like Frappuccinos and Mocha Chip Frappuccinos.

Customers can choose vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream for the base, along with milk, espresso or hot water. They can add whipped cream, sprinkles or even caramel sauce. And yes, there are even options for dogs.

You can read the full list of ingredients here, but the gist is that it includes milk, espresso or hot liquid, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles and either caramel sauce or chocolate sauce.

If you’re looking to try this puppy out yourself, check out the video above where we show you how to make it.


Starbucks announced yesterday that it is testing out some new drinks called “puppuccinos.” They’re basically just regular coffee drinks with whipped cream added on top.

The three flavors include vanilla, caramel, and strawberries.

One of the most interesting things about the drink is that it’s made with milk foam and espresso shots. This is something we’ve never seen before.

You’ll probably see people ordering these at Starbucks soon.

How to Order a Puppuccino

Starbucks’ Puppuccino is now available at select locations across the United States. To make it, add espresso, steamed milk and vanilla syrup into a cup, stir well and pour over ice. Then, add whipped cream and sprinkle with chocolate shavings.

How Much Does It Cost?

Costa Coffee and Starbucks in the United Kingdom offer free puppies to customers. If you ask for a puppy during your coffee order, it will come out of nowhere. You don’t even have to pay for it.

The price depends on which size you choose. A Grande costs £1.50 ($2), a Regular is £0.90 ($1.30), and a Venti is £2.00 ($3).

If you want a dog, just say “puppy.” But make sure you’re ordering a drink. Otherwise, you’ll probably end up getting a free ice cream cone instead.

Questions You May Have

Starbucks says it doesn’t use artificial flavors or colors in its beverages. But what about those delicious whipped cream concoctions you see at Starbucks stores? What are they really made of? And how do they taste? We asked our friends over at Starbucks to help us answer some questions we had about whipped cream. Here’s what they told us.

What Is Whipped Cream Made Of?

The main ingredient in whipped cream is milk fat. Milk fat is found naturally in dairy products such as whole milk, skim milk, heavy cream, sour cream, butter, ghee, and yogurt. When making whipped cream, the fat is beaten into the mixture until it becomes light and fluffy.

How Do I Make My Own Whipped Cream?

You’ll want to start out with good quality ingredients. If you’re whipping up whipped cream for yourself, make sure to buy high-quality milk fat and store it properly. To make your own whipped cream, follow these steps:

1. Buy milk fat. Store-bought whipped cream contains stabilizers and emulsifiers to keep it stable during storage. These additives aren’t necessary for homemade whipped cream. All you need is pure, unadulterated milk fat.

2. Heat milk. Bring the temperature of your milk to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This process breaks down proteins in the milk fat, allowing it to separate from the liquid part of the milk.