Iced Ube Latte

What does iced ube latte mean? Is it really a thing? If yes, then what is its origin?

Ube is a Filipino dessert made from sweetened mung bean paste. Iced ube latte is a variant of the original recipe where ice cream is added to give it a refreshing taste. This drink has become very popular since it was introduced in 2015.

It is said that the name comes from the word “ube” (pronounced oe-bay), which means “bean” in Tagalog. The term “latte” refers to coffee milk or foam.Iced Ube Latte – How Does It Work?

Ube (pronounced oo-bay) is a purple yam bean native to the Philippines. The beans are ground into a powdery paste called ube jam or ube puree. This is then mixed with condensed milk and ice cream to create iced ube lattes.

This drink was created by a Filipino coffee shop owner who wanted to add a new flavor to his menu. He combined the ingredients he had at home and came up with this delicious treat.Iced Ube Latte – Iced Coffee Recipe | How to Make iced coffee at home

Coffee has always been a favorite drink of many people around the globe. In recent years, however, some people have started drinking less coffee because they believe that too much caffeine can cause health problems.

However, there are several ways to prepare coffee without using milk or cream. One way is to make iced coffee. This recipe uses only two ingredients: ice cubes and coffee beans. The result is a refreshing beverage that tastes great.Iced Ube Latte – How to Make Iced Coffee at Home | The Best Way to Prepare iced coffee at home


1 cup of strong-brewed coffee

2 cups of water

Ice Cubes


In a blender, combine all the ingredients together until you get a smooth consistency. Pour the mixture into an airtight container and place it in the freezer for about 30 minutes. After that time, take out the container and serve immediately.

You can also use your own coffee grinder to grind the coffee beans. Just be sure to put them in a bowl first so that they don’t fly everywhere when you start grinding.

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