How To Make Dalgona Iced Coffee?

Are you tired of the same old iced coffee routine? Do you want to spice up your caffeine fix with a trendy and delicious drink? Look no further than Dalgona iced coffee.

Originating from South Korea, Dalgona coffee became a viral sensation in 2020 and has since become a staple for coffee lovers worldwide. This frothy and creamy drink is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to make at home.

In this article, I’ll guide you through the simple steps to make Dalgona iced coffee, along with some tips and tricks to perfect this trendy drink. Get ready to impress your taste buds and your Instagram followers with this must-try beverage.

What Is Dalgona Iced Coffee?

Dalgona Iced Coffee is a cold version of the popular Dalgona Coffee that took the world by storm. While Dalgona Coffee is served hot with a frothy whipped coffee mixture on top, Dalgona Iced Coffee is chilled and served over ice. It is a perfect drink for the summer months when a hot cup of coffee just won’t do.

To make Dalgona Iced Coffee, start by mixing equal parts of instant coffee, granulated sugar, and hot water until the mixture becomes thick and frothy. This can be done by hand or with an electric mixer. Pour cold milk into a glass and add ice cubes. Spoon the frothy coffee mixture on top of the milk before stirring it to combine.

Dalgona Iced Coffee is a simple yet delicious way to enjoy a sweet and caffeinated drink. You can also add different flavors like cocoa powder or coconut sugar to mix things up. This refreshing drink has become a favorite among coffee lovers and a popular item on the menus of coffee shops. So, give it a try and enjoy the sweet and frothy goodness of Dalgona Iced Coffee.

Ingredients Needed

Dalgona Iced Coffee has become a popular coffee drink in recent times. This trendy beverage originated in South Korea and is now enjoyed by coffee lovers worldwide. Luckily, making this delicious coffee at home is much easier than you may think.

2 Tablespoons Instant Coffee

Dalgona Iced Coffee is a delicious and refreshing drink that has taken the world by storm. One of the key ingredients that makes this beverage so unique is instant coffee. To make this Iced Coffee, you need 2 tablespoons of instant coffee granules.

Instant coffee is essential for achieving that distinct coffee flavor in Dalgona Iced Coffee. It is a type of coffee that has been brewed, then dehydrated into granules, making it easy to dissolve in hot water.

When using instant coffee, it is essential to select a high-quality brand to ensure that the taste is not compromised. The right amount is also critical, as too little or too much can affect the flavor. In this recipe, two tablespoons are the required amount of instant coffee.

2 Tablespoons Granulated Sugar (or Coconut Sugar)

Sugar is a crucial ingredient in creating the frothy whipped coffee topping. Granulated sugar is the most commonly used type, but other alternatives like white, brown, or coconut sugar can be used as well.

It’s important to note that the amount of sugar used affects the texture and color of the foam. Using less sugar will result in a softer foam with a darker color, while using more will result in a stiffer foam with a lighter color. However, making whipped coffee without sugar will not create a long-lasting foam.

2 Tablespoons Hot Water

To make dalgona iced coffee, the first step is to create the coffee mixture. In a small mixing bowl, combine 2 tablespoons of instant coffee, 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar (or coconut sugar for a healthier option), and 2 tablespoons of hot water. The hot water is essential to dissolve the coffee and sugar granules.

Once all the ingredients are in the bowl, use an electric mixer or electric whisk to beat the mixture until stiff peaks form. This will take anywhere from 2-5 minutes, depending on the strength of your mixer and the initial temperature of the ingredients. It’s important to keep the mixer or whisk moving consistently to ensure that the mixture is whipped evenly and to avoid any lumps.

Using 2 tablespoons of hot water ensures that the coffee mixture is the right consistency and has a smooth texture. Hot water also helps to bring out the flavor of the instant coffee, resulting in a more robust coffee flavor. So don’t be shy about heating up the water – the hotter the better.

Creating the coffee mixture is the first step in making a delicious and frothy dalgona iced coffee. With just a few simple ingredients and an electric mixer, you can create a coffee shop-worthy drink from the comfort of your own home.

Ice Cubes

Dalgona iced coffee has taken the world by storm, and it’s the perfect beverage for coffee lovers who want something refreshing and energizing. Adding ice cubes takes it to another level, making it the perfect summer drink. The ice cubes bring a refreshing feel to the coffee, giving you a blast of coolness with every sip.

To make your Dalgona iced coffee creamier, try adding a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream instead of ice cubes. The result is pure indulgence, making it a great pick-me-up during hot summer days. The combination of the creamy vanilla ice cream and the robust coffee taste is sure to satisfy any craving.

When it comes to adding ice cubes, it’s best to experiment with different amounts to find your desired taste. Adding more ice cubes will result in a colder drink, while adding less will lead to a stronger coffee flavor. It all boils down to personal preference, so feel free to add or subtract ice cubes to create the perfect Dalgona iced coffee for you.

Cold Milk Or Iced Milk, To Taste

When it comes to making Dalgona iced coffee, choosing the right milk is just as important as the coffee mixture. There are many different milk options available, including whole milk, almond milk, and other milk alternatives. The choice ultimately comes down to your personal preferences.

If you prefer a creamier and richer flavor, whole milk is the way to go. It has a higher fat content than other milk alternatives, resulting in a more satisfying and indulgent taste. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a lower calorie option or have dietary restrictions, almond milk or other milk alternatives may be a better choice. They offer a lighter taste and can be a good substitute for those who cannot consume dairy products.

When it comes to serving Dalgona iced coffee, many people prefer it with iced milk rather than hot milk. This helps balance the sweetness of the coffee mixture and creates a refreshing cold beverage. To achieve the perfect iced milk, simply pour your preferred milk over a glass filled with ice cubes. Stir it gently to cool the milk down and then top it off with the coffee mixture.

Directions For Making Dalgona Iced Coffee

Dalgona coffee took the internet by storm and now with summer approaching, it’s time to switch things up and enjoy its iced version. Dalgona iced coffee has a frothy whipped coffee mixture sitting on a bed of iced milk. It is a simple yet indulgent iced coffee recipe that you can make at home with just a handful of ingredients. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step directions for making dalgona iced coffee.

Step 1: Make The Coffee Mixture

To make the perfect coffee mixture for Dalgona Iced Coffee, you’ll need a mixing bowl, 2 tablespoons of instant coffee, 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar, and 2 tablespoons of hot water. You can also use coconut sugar instead of granulated sugar for a healthier option.

Start by adding the instant coffee, sugar, and hot water to your mixing bowl. Then, using a whisk, mix all the ingredients together vigorously until the mixture becomes stiff and has reached a pale caramel color. You can also use an electric hand mixer or a stand mixer for a faster and more efficient mixing process.

It is important to keep whisking until the mixture forms stiff peaks. This can take around 2-5 minutes of continuous whisking, depending on the type of whisk you are using. The mixture should become thick and airy, almost like a mousse or a cream.

Once you’ve achieved the desired consistency, your coffee mixture is ready to use. Use a spoon to dollop the mixture onto a glass of cold milk or iced coffee. Enjoy your frothy, delicious Dalgona Iced Coffee with a rich coffee flavor and sweet taste!

Step 2: Prepare The Glass Of Ice And Milk

To prepare your Dalgona Iced Coffee, start by filling a tall glass with ice cubes or scoops of vanilla ice cream. If you prefer a creamier and sweeter taste, you can use a dairy-based or non-dairy-based vanilla ice cream.

Next, pour the cold milk over the ice or ice cream, leaving about ¼ of the glass empty. You can use any type of milk that you prefer, such as dairy milk, almond milk, soy milk, oat milk, or coconut milk.

Make sure to pour the milk slowly over the ice or ice cream to avoid splashing. You can also tilt the glass slightly to create a layered effect and prevent the coffee mixture from sinking to the bottom.

Once you have poured the milk, the next step is to add the whipped coffee mixture on top. Use a spoon to gently spoon the whipped coffee mixture on top of the milk, creating a dome-like shape.

Finally, dust some cocoa powder or cinnamon powder on top of the whipped coffee for an extra touch of flavor and decoration. Your Dalgona Iced Coffee is now ready to be enjoyed!

Step 3: Combine The Mixture And Milk

Now that you have the whipped coffee cream and the milk ready, it’s time to combine them. The best way to do this is to take a spoon and gently mix the coffee and milk together. You can also use a straw or stirrer to combine the two if desired.

Alternatively, you can pour the whipped coffee mixture directly on top of the cold milk. As the mixture settles, it will slowly mix with the milk to create a beautiful marbling effect.

If you prefer a lighter coffee flavor, add more milk to the glass before pouring the whipped coffee mixture. If you like a stronger coffee taste, use less milk and more of the whipped mixture.

Once you’ve combined the two components, you can enjoy your delicious dalgona iced coffee. Feel free to garnish the drink with cocoa powder, cinnamon, or any other toppings that you like.

With just a few simple ingredients and some basic preparation, you can create a coffee-shop quality iced coffee drink from the comfort of your own home. So try out this recipe today and enjoy the delicious taste of dalgona iced coffee!

Step 4: Enjoy Your Delicious Drink!

Now that you have made the perfect whipped coffee cream and prepared your cold milk, it’s time to combine them and enjoy your dalgona iced coffee.

First, take a tall glass and fill it with ice cubes. Then, pour in the cold milk until the glass is about two-thirds full.

Next, take a spoon and gently give the whipped coffee cream mixture a quick stir to ensure it’s well-combined. Now, pour the whipped coffee on top of the cold milk and ice cubes.

Finally, use a spoon to give the mix a good stir, ensuring that the coffee and milk are completely combined. This will create a smooth and creamy drink that’s perfect for any coffee lover.


In conclusion, making dalgona iced coffee is a simple process that yields an indulgent drink perfect for coffee lovers. When preparing this drink, make sure to start by whipping the coffee mixture to a stiff peak consistency, as this will ensure a frothy and velvety texture.

To personalize your drink, adjust the amount of instant coffee, sugar, and water in the recipe to achieve your preferred strength and sweetness level. For those looking for healthier options, consider substituting granulated sugar with brown sugar or coconut sugar, and using oat milk or almond milk instead of regular milk.

For a fun twist on this classic recipe, try adding a sprinkle of cocoa powder or using decaf coffee instead of regular coffee. To make the drink even more indulgent, consider topping it with whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream.

When serving, consider garnishing the drink with cinnamon or shaved chocolate to elevate its presentation. Overall, dalgona iced coffee is a versatile recipe that can be easily adjusted to suit personal preferences and tastes.