Best coffee grinders for aeropress 2022 – reviews & buyer’s guide

What makes a good coffee grinder? Is it important to get one that has a burr or blade grinders? What should I look out for when buying a new grinder?

Coffee grinders are essential tools for anyone who loves their morning cup of joe. Whether you prefer espresso shots or pour over brews, having a quality grinder at home will ensure you always have fresh beans on hand.

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There are several types of grinders on the market today, each with their own unique features. In order to choose the perfect grinder for your needs, you’ll want to consider the type of coffee you plan to grind, whether you want a manual or automatic model, and even the size of your batch.

4 Best Coffee Grinders for AeroPress in 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for the best coffee grinder for your AeroPress, we’ve got you covered. Here are four of our favorite models. You’ll find each one offers excellent value for the price. These machines come with a lifetime warranty.

The OXO On 9 ($99.95) is our favorite coffee grinder for the AeroPress because it makes grinding beans quick and easy. This model includes everything needed to make delicious espresso shots. Its stainless steel burrs cut up beans quickly while its tamper keeps the grounds evenly distributed. A digital display lets you know how much ground coffee you have left.

Another option worth considering is the Baratza Encore ($199). It’s designed specifically for the AeroPress and features a large hopper that holds about 10 cups of beans. One button controls both the grinding process and the extraction cycle. When you press the button again, the machine automatically stops grinding and begins brewing.

For those who love the convenience of a manual grinder, the Bodum Bistro ($79.95) is perfect. Just load the beans directly into the chamber, turn the handle, and watch as the beans slowly tumble down to the bottom where they are crushed by the blades. The Bodum Bistro works equally well for making espresso or French Press coffees.

Lastly, the Breville SmartGrind ($129.95) is another manual option that’s ideal for people who like to experiment with different types of beans. With this model, you simply place the beans inside the hopper and push the lever to begin the grinding process. Once the beans reach the desired level of consistency, you just pull out the filter basket and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of java.

A Quick Summary of our Favorites (Updated in 2022)

We’ve been working hard over the last few months putting together our list of favorites. We’ve tried to keep it simple, but we know there are many options out there. If you want to see what we recommend today, check out our 2020 update.

If you’d rather watch us explain why we picked each one, here’s a video version of our list.

#1 – Bunn Coffee Maker ($100-$150): “This is the best espresso maker I’ve ever used.”

#2 – Keurig K60 Single Serve Brewer ($50-$70): “The single serve brewer is perfect for those times where you don’t want to make too much coffee.”

#3 – Bonavita 8 Cup French Press ($40-$80): “You’ll never go back to regular mugs again.”

#4 – Cuisinart DCC-3000 Digital Coffeemaker ($200+): “This is the most versatile machine, hands down.”

#5 – Mr. Espresso Machine ($300+): “This is a high quality machine that makes some of the best espresso in the world.”

2. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

The manual coffee grinder is one of the most popular kitchen appliances. You can grind whole beans, espresso shots, and even ground coffee into a fine powder. If you are looking for a manual grinder, we recommend the JavaPresses Manual Coffee Grinder. This model features a stainless steel body and a removable bean hopper. With over 30 years of experience, the JavaPresses brand offers high-quality products at affordable prices.

4. Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder – Great for Travel

The Porlex Mini Coffee Grinders are small enough to fit inside your luggage or backpack without taking up too much room. They don’t require electricity to operate, making them perfect for travel. The grinder features a stainless steel blade that grinds coffee beans into a fine dust. You can use this grinder to make espresso drinks, pour hot water over ground coffee, or even brew tea.

There is a durability issue with one of the handles, though it’s easy enough to replace. We found that the grinder wasn’t as powerful as some of our other models. However, it does work well for grinding whole beans, which makes it ideal for people who enjoy drinking coffee straight out of the bean.

This model is best suited for those who want a portable way to grind coffee beans while on the go.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Grinder for AeroPress Brewing

AeroPress brewers love their coffee grinders. They’re compact, easy to use, and make great tasting coffee. But how do you know which one is best for you? This buyer’s guide helps you find the right grinder for your needs.


Coffee grinders are supposed to make consistent coffee every single time you use it. But how do you know whether your grinder does what it’s supposed to? You don’t.

The problem is that most coffee grinders aren’t very good at making consistently sized grounds. They tend to either overgrind or undergrind, resulting in bitter coffee or burnt beans.

But there’s hope! We tested 10 different grinders and found one that makes consistently ground coffee every time.


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The size of your coffee maker matters just as much as what type it is. If you plan on drinking coffee every day, you’ll probably want something bigger than a travel model. But if you don’t drink coffee often, you might be better off with a smaller one.


The coffee grinder market is very competitive, especially since it is one of the most important tools in our daily routine. If you want to buy the best burr grinder, there are many factors to consider. In this article, we’ve listed some of the best models out there. You’ll find everything from budget models to high-end grinders. So let’s start with the basics. What do you need to know about a burr grinder?

What Is A Burr Grinder?

A burr grinder is a tool used to grind beans into a fine powder. This process helps to release flavor compounds and caffeine from the bean. There are different types of burrs, including conical, flat, and ball. Each type works differently depending on how much pressure you apply while grinding.

How Do They Work?

Burr grinders work by rotating a metal disc around a central axis. As the disc spins, it pushes against the ground coffee beans, forcing them down toward the center. At the same time, air enters the chamber through holes in the bottom of the disc. This creates friction, causing the beans to heat up and eventually break apart. When the beans reach the desired size, the machine stops spinning and the coffee falls through a chute into a container.

Why Buy One?

Buying a burr grinder is like buying a blender. Sure, you could use a regular old kitchen blender to make smoothies, but why settle for something less than perfect when you can spend a little extra money and buy a professional model?